embedded Linux is the default operating system

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013 – Day 1

Today was the first day of ELC-E 2013 and I was anxiuos to meet some people who I see once a year, and to attend some talks.

The main complain coming from all the people present was the impossibility to attend all the interesting presentation because were too much overlapped.
I publicly suggested to the Linux Foundation people to create a dynamic schedule system evaluating the preferences done until a month (or less) before the event.

The presentations I attended were:

  • Timeline For Embedded Linux – Chris Simmonds (in the photo above) : a bit of Linux history, for who started working on linux on 1999 (like I did) is very funny.
  • How Not to Write X86 Platform Drivers – Darren Hart, Intel Open Source Technology Center
  • Small Business BoFs – Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons : worthy and interesting open discussion with colleagues about how to drive a company that provides linux embedded services.
  • Using i.MX28/i.MX233 without Freescale tools : unfortunately I’ve missed it.
  • TPL: SPL loading SPL (and, SPL as just another U-Boot config) : interesting.
  • Falcon Boot: current status and enhancements : linux fast boot is always a hot topic.
  • Common Clock Framework: How To Use It – Gregory Clement, Free Electrons  : useful, although I need a bit of time to apply it
  • Status of Embedded Linux – Tim Bird, Sony Mobile  : it’s always useful and interesting to have a different point of view on the Linux market trends.
  • Android Platform Debugging and Development – Karim Yaghmour, Opersys  : very interesting for Android experts.

The final consideration emerged after a couple of presentation (Chris Simmonds and Tim Bird) was the evidence that embedded Linux is the default operating system which is ruling the market.