Yocto Project Developer Day 2013

Yocto Project Developer Day 2013 in Edimburgh and I am here also this year.
Yes, I have to admit I wouldn’t miss it for any reason because I really trust in this project which is continuosly growing sice I joined OpenEmbedded in 2009.

Here we are at Edimburgh EICC

The first presentation done by Khem Raj (right) introduced by Jeff Osier-Mixon (left)

The first presentation done by Khem Raj (right) introduced by Jeff Osier-Mixon (left)

And the proudness of being among the Yocto Project Participants

The best presentation IMHO were:

  •   Advanced WebHob Lab – Belen Barros Pena, Intel WebHob is a new technology being developed by the Yocto Project team for graphically enhanced system development. This lab lets attendees get their hands on the latest version. 
  •   Advanced General Lab – Yocto Project Maintainers Have you ever wished you could ask questions of the Yocto Project maintainers in person, with a fresh instance of the Yocto Project software at your fingertips? Well, this is your chance. Bring your questions, concerns, and comments to the virtual private cloud. Several maintainers will be in attendance.
  •   QA Automation with the Yocto Project – Stefan Stanacar, Intel This talk discusses how the Yocto Project has automated the QA process, along with a demo.

Belen did an awesome presentation worthy of being seen at TED.
The Yocto mantainers explained how will be Yocto Project in the (near?) furure.
And finally Stefan uncovered a very sensitive subject which I will take up ASAP.