Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux COnference Europe

OSS Europe and ELCE program online

SAN FRANCISCO, August 8, 2019 – Don’t miss the biggest open source event in Europe! Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 offers a mix of technical and leadership programming for open source developers and technologists across 19 tracks with 350+ talks.

The Schedule for Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 is Now Live, read the full schedule following this link.


  • The State of Kubernetes Development Tooling – Ellen Körbes, Garden (Cloud Infrastructure)
  • Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance – Dawn Foster, Pivotal (TODO/OS Program Management)
  • The Unified Tracing Platform – Steven Rostedt, VMware (Linux Systems)
  • Machine Learning Models and Datasets Versioning Practices and Tools – Dmitry Petrov & Ruslan Kuprieiev, Iterative AI (AI)
  • Flash Subsystems Status Update – Richard Weinberger, Sigma Star GmbH & Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin (Embedded Linux)
  • Sequencing Your Own OSS License Compliance Initiatives for Maximum Momentum During OSS Development – Wendy Freedman, 20th Century Fox (Automating Compliance)
  • Verifying Device Identity with TPMs – Matthew Garrett & Brandon Weeks, Google (Security & Safety)
  • From an Idea to a Patch in the Linux Mainline – Marta Rybczynska (Embedded Administration)
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Operators and The Operator Framework – Matt Dorn & Michael Hrivnak, Red Hat
  • Introduction to JanusGraph – Jason Plurad, IBM (Project Highlights)
  • Data-Driven Tools for Decision Makers in City Planning – Talia Kaufmann, Northeastern University/OECD (Urban Computing)
  • Seven Hard Truths About Open Source Community – Karen Chu & Matt Butcher, Microsoft (Growing & Sustaining OS Communities)
  • Opening the Echo Chamber: Inclusivity in the Real World – Laura Hilliger (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • A Dive into Zephyr Device Driver Model – Tomasz Bursztyka, Intel (IoT)

Open Source Summit#ossummit is where developers and technologists collaborate, share information, and learn about the latest open source technologies. Content is split between technical tracks covering key and emerging technologies, and leadership tracks, providing important content to those driving the sustainability of open source ecosystems.

Embedded Linux Conference#lfelc -is the premier, vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. This event will gather technical experts paving the way for transformation for education, collaboration, and deep dive learning opportunities.

Attend and be one of the technical and community leaders coming together to drive open source innovation forward.