Embedded Linux Conference + OpenIoT Summit Europe 2018

Edimburgh, Scotland – October 22nd
Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products.

Now in its 13th year, the conference gathers user-space developers, product vendors, kernel, and systems developers to collaborate.

OpenIoT Summit is a technical conference for the developers and architects working on industrial IoT. It provides the technical knowledge needed to deliver smart connected products and solutions that take advantage of the rapid evolution of IoT technologies. It is the only IoT event focused on the development of open IoT solutions.

  • Keynote: Welcome & Opening Remarks – Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation Speakers: Jim Zemlin
  • Buildroot vs Yocto: Differences for Your Daily Job – Luca Ceresoli, AIM Sportline Speakers: Luca Ceresoli
  • Introduction to Linux Kernel Driver Programming – Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
  • Introduction to IIO and Input Drivers – Matt Porter, Konsulko Group
  • BoF: Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded – Armin Kuster, MontaVista Software, LLC & Nicolas Dechesne, Yocto Project Community Manager