Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE)

E-ale seminar at ELCE 2018

Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE) is a series of seminars over 3 days at existing Embedded Linux conferences.

Take as many or few as you want to. The seminars each represent a key topic relevant to Engineers new to Embedded Linux. Each seminar starts with a 45 min lecture or presentation on one subject, followed by 1 hour of lab time to practice the relevant learned skills (most often on real embedded HW).

Each seminar is taught by a professional Embedded Linux Instructor with years of practical experience.

You can register to the Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer Track at ELCE 2018 – Mon., Oct. 22 & Tues., Oct. 23.
Note that this is an ELCE Co-located events with an additional fee.

In case you won’t be able to attend you can find past recordings on the YouTube e-ale channel and perhaps watch the Marco Cavallini‘s talk at Yocto Project DevDays in Portand, OR below