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Qt5 differences with Qt4

Qt5 tries to eliminate this gap. With the platform plugin approach - the HW "platform" is expected to provide OpenGL ES2, and any other additional HW acceleration on top of that as part of the platform. In essence - with GLES2 - every screen update in Qt5 happens via an OpenGL ES texturing operation, rather than any other means. In addition to this fundamental change, Qt5 brings in another major programming model update - that of QML, Qt3D etc.

The year 2038 problem

2038 BugIn every computer systems there is a latent bug that is similar to the so-called 'Millennium Bug' or 'Y2K' bug or Year 2000 bug, its name is 'The year 2038 problem' or 'Y2K38'. Do not be misled by its definition that makes it seem like a minor problem, the year 2038 bug is a problem that involves a time-wrap problem not handled by programmers and although many overlook it because it is considered remote in time (15 years away from the date of writing) or because it is believed that it will resolves itself with the progressive adoption of 64bit systems, may cause some computer software to fail at some point near the year 2038. Although this may be true for desktop systems frequently updated, it is not so for embedded systems, which have a considerably longer life cycle. Do not forget that the embedded systems are also a lot more critical as they could be used to control devices that can compromise the security or worse the safety of persons.

Qt embedded licensing

Qt embedded licenseToday a friend called me asking about Qt licensing.

Because this is getting a FAQ I decided to write a post to lighten this topic.

The commercial Qt license includes standard support and access to updates and allows you to develop fully closed source software.

The LGPL carries some restrictions regarding the ability for users to relink libraries and other restrictions that may impose architectural requirements that some organizations might not be comfortable with and allows you to develop closed source software when you link it dynamically to Qt libraries.

Petizione per fermare i brevetti software in Europa

Stop software patents

La società KOAN di Bergamo ha annunciato di aver sottoscritto la petizione per fermare i brevetti software in Europa indetta dalla Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. di Berlino. Molte altre aziende operanti nel settore del software libero hanno sottoscritto l'iniziativa. Di seguito pubblichiamo il testo integrale della lettera.

Kill switch nei sistemi operativi

Tempo fa lo sviluppatore Janne Kytömäki navigando nel Market di Android ha notato qualcosa di strano: decine di famose app risultavano realizzate da sviluppatori diversi da quelli veri. Kytömäki ha intuito che dovesse trattarsi dell’opera di un malware a rapida diffusione, e ha subito denunciato le sue scoperte.
Google ha immediatamente preso contromisure. Gli è bastato azionare il kill switch (interruttore di spegnimento – n.d.t.), per raggiungere in un istante più di 250.000 smartphone Android infetti e rimuovere da remoto il codice dannoso.
Il Kill switch costituisce ormai uno standard della maggior parte degli smartphone, tablet ed e-reader. Google, Apple (AAPL) e Amazon (AMZN) hanno tutti la possibilità di raggiungere da remoto i loro dispositivi per eliminare i contenuti illeciti o modificare codici senza richiedere alcun permesso agli utenti. E’ un modo efficace per bloccare le minacce che si diffondono velocemente, ma è anche una questione molto spinosa nell’ambito della privacy e della sicurezza.

The 'real programmer'

C programming languageWhile I was searching some programming hints and examples to prepare a C/C++ training course I came across the following Wikipedia page.

I found it so real and hilarious that I decided to share my experience here on my blog, because I have to admit that after 24 years programming with C I can consider it my second language, after italian and before english.

The term Real Programmer is used in computer programmers' folklore to describe the archetypical "hardcore" programmer. A Real Programmer eschews modern or graphical tools such as integrated development environments or languages other than assembly language or machine code in favour of more direct and efficient solutions – closer to the hardware.

Adapting Digicom USB Wave HSUPA for linux embedded

Digicom USB Wave HSUPA

I just adapted a weird existing driver for Pirelli Chipset adopted by Digicom modem (approx. 75,00 euro), creating a new version v0.7.3 suitable for kernel
Like most of the HUAWEI devices (like Vodafone one) you are going to face with an annoying behaviour that present the device as USb storage the first time you connect it.
You have to eject it in order to allow the system to detect it as modem ttyUSB0.
The most funny thing is that the producer didn't care about any other linux version than Ubuntu 8.10 with kernel 2.6.27-8.
Of course embedded devices don't have all the features you may have on a desktop distribution, moreover if you have a headless console based system.


Sono un CAcert Assurer

CAcert assurer Bergamo, Milano, LombardiaDal mese di Febbraio 2009 sono un assicuratore (o accertatore) CAcert certificato.

CAcert è un'autorità di certificazione basata su un'infrastruttura a chiave pubblica community-driven basata sulla Rete di fiducia (Web of trust).
In crittografia una infrastruttura a chiave pubblica in inglese public key infrastructure (PKI) è una serie di accordi che consentono a terze parti fidate di verificare e/o farsi garanti dell'identità di un utente, oltre che di associare una chiave pubblica a un utente, normalmente per mezzo di software distribuito in modo coordinato su diversi sistemi. Le chiavi pubbliche tipicamente assumono la forma di certificati digitali.

What have been happening at Embedded Linux Conference Grenoble

This is my second day at ELC-E in Grenoble, and the organizers told me that the total number of attendants iis approximately 180 people.
I must say this is the best Linux embedded event I attended ever and I suggest to everybody to come here.
I am planning to be here the next year as speaker in order to present KaeilOS/OE and its features, because I feel that many people would appreciate its stability and reliability (if only people would know its features better).

Trolltech e Qtopia cambiano nome

Dopo essere stata recentemente acquisita da Nokia, la società norvegese Trolltech, creatrice del sistema di sviluppo Qt cambia il proprio nome e diventa QT Software mentre il suo prodotto dedicato ai sistemi embedded Qtopia si chiamerà QT for embedded linux.

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