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Guida rapida alla GPLv3

GPLv3Dopo un anno e mezzo di pubblica consultazione, migliaia di commenti e quattro bozze, la versione 3 della GNU General Public License (GPLv3) è stata finalmente pubblicata il 29 Giugno 2007.
Nonostante si siano sviluppate numerosissime discussioni sin dall'apparizione della prima bozza, solamente poche persone hanno parlato dei benefici che essa fornisce ai programmatori. 
La Free Software Foundation ha deciso di pubblicare una guida per sopperire a tale mancanza. 
Partendo da un breve ripasso sul software libero, il copyleft e gli scopi della GPL, si giunge ad una revisione delle principali modifiche alla licenza per vedere in che modo supporta gli ideali del software libero e porta benefici ai programmatori.

Embedded Linux Development and YOCTO project

 Training Linux embedded and Yocto Project

Qt5 license and GNU LGPL

Qt Qt5 LGPL license

In the new Qt Documentation we can find "Qt 5.5 GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)" and particularly the confusing and foggy sentence "Qt is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 and the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.".
Is it released under LGPL 2.1 or LGPL 3? From the final application and the embedded device itself the difference is huge.


Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2015 #lfelc #linuxconf

The Embedded Linux Conference Europe  this year is located in Dublin, Ireland.

The Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. This conference, now in it's 8th year, has the largest collection of sessions dedicated exclusively to embedded Linux and embedded Linux developers. ELCE is embedded Linux experts talking about solutions to your embedded Linux problems. ELCE consists of 3 days of presentations, tutorials and Bird-of-a-Feather sessions.

Collabora con è il primo portale italiano interamente dedicato al mondo embedded.
Creato nel 2006 è da sempre aperto a nuove idee legate al mondo embedded software e hardware.
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LinuxDay 2013

I have to admit that the last week I have become a Linux conferences workaholic.
A few hours after my flight from ELCE in Edimburgh has landed in Milano Malpensa I visited the LinuxDay in my city (Bergamo).
Here a photo with some people at BGLug (Bergamo linux user group).

LInuxDay 2013 at BGlug


Second day at ELC-E 2013, let's start with an interesting keynote where Tim Bird said he prefers Buildroot rather than Yocto mainly because Yocto has a steeper learning curve. Thomas Petazzoni said that Yocto is too much dependent on big companies. On the other hand I actually think that Buildroot may be too dependent on Free Electrons business strategy. 

ELCE keynote

I also attendended a presentation done by my Adeneo colleauge Nicolas Launet.

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013 - Day 1

Today was the first day of ELC-E 2013 and I was anxiuos to meet some people who I see once a year, and to attend some talks.

embedded Linux is the default operating system

Yocto Project Developer Day 2013

Yocto Project Developer Day 2013 in Edimburgh and I am here also this year. 
Yes, I have to admit I wouldn't miss it for any reason because I really trust in this project which is continuosly growing sice I joined OpenEmbedded in 2009.

Here we are at Edimburgh EICC 


The first presentation done by Khem Raj (right) introduced by Jeff Osier-Mixon (left)

Qt5 differences with Qt4

Qt5 tries to eliminate this gap. With the platform plugin approach - the HW "platform" is expected to provide OpenGL ES2, and any other additional HW acceleration on top of that as part of the platform. In essence - with GLES2 - every screen update in Qt5 happens via an OpenGL ES texturing operation, rather than any other means. In addition to this fundamental change, Qt5 brings in another major programming model update - that of QML, Qt3D etc.

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