Linux with cheap MMC flash drives (SDcard microSD)

MMC MCI microSD SDcard

Flash drives are getting  larger and cheaper; as a result, they are showing up in an increasing number of devices. These drives are not the same as the rotating-media drives which preceded them, and they have different performance characteristics.
If Linux is to make proper use of of this c
lass of hardware, it must drive it in a way which is aware of its advantages and disadvantages.





Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2014

Embedded World

Benvenuti in un mondo più intelligente!

Si svolge anche quest'anno dal 25 al 27 Febbraio a Norimberga, Germania l'Embedded World Exhibition & Conference

Collabora con è il primo portale italiano interamente dedicato al mondo embedded.
Creato nel 2006 è da sempre aperto a nuove idee legate al mondo embedded software e hardware.
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LinuxDay 2013

I have to admit that the last week I have become a Linux conferences workaholic.
A few hours after my flight from ELCE in Edimburgh has landed in Milano Malpensa I visited the LinuxDay in my city (Bergamo).
Here a photo with some people at BGLug (Bergamo linux user group).

LInuxDay 2013 at BGlug


Second day at ELC-E 2013, let's start with an interesting keynote where Tim Bird said he prefers Buildroot rather than Yocto mainly because Yocto has a steeper learning curve. Thomas Petazzoni said that Yocto is too much dependent on big companies. On the other hand I actually think that Buildroot may be too dependent on Free Electrons business strategy. 

ELCE keynote

I also attendended a presentation done by my Adeneo colleauge Nicolas Launet.

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