Aperte le iscrizioni al corso Yocto Project con BeagleBone Black


Corso Yocto Project


Sono aperte le iscrizioni al corso organizzato da KOAN su Yocto Project con BeagleBone Black.
Lunedì 23/02/2015 e Martedì 24/02/2015 - Bergamo, Italia
Corso avanzato che fornisce le informazioni necessarie per configurare e utilizzare Yocto Project (e Openembedded), git e bitbake creando una distribuzione Linux embeddded da zero. Gestione delle ricette in overlay con layer custom.

Buon 2015 con 40 single board computer Linux-friendly

Help to defend the GNOME trademark

 Gnome foundation

"GNOME" has been a familiar name in software for the past 17 years, and a registered trademark since 2006. The GNOME project has been a staple desktop for GNU/Linux and BSD desktops. It was the default desktop for Sun Microsystems workstation class machines, continues to be the default desktop for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions, and it is the default desktop of Fedora and Debian. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service solution for the retail industry is based on GNOME. GNOME technology can be found in TVs, tablets, phones, consumer devices, and in common software everywhere.

Yocto Project Dev Day 2014

 Yocto Project Developer Day 2014

Today I participate to the Yocto Project Dev Day as staff member and I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with many nice people like Mike, Michael, Lieu, Christopher, Sean, Robert, Richard, Belen and the others... 


ELCE 2014 - Day 3

Today there is Linus Torvalds on the stage with Dirk Hohndel talking about the state of linux. The rest of the day was mainly dedicated to devicetree.

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