Adapting Digicom USB Wave HSUPA for linux embedded

Digicom USB Wave HSUPA

I just adapted a weird existing driver for Pirelli Chipset adopted by Digicom modem (approx. 75,00 euro), creating a new version v0.7.3 suitable for kernel
Like most of the HUAWEI devices (like Vodafone one) you are going to face with an annoying behaviour that present the device as USb storage the first time you connect it.
You have to eject it in order to allow the system to detect it as modem ttyUSB0.
The most funny thing is that the producer didn't care about any other linux version than Ubuntu 8.10 with kernel 2.6.27-8.
Of course embedded devices don't have all the features you may have on a desktop distribution, moreover if you have a headless console based system.


Storica sentenza della Corte Costituzionale: è legittimo favorire il software libero

Associazione per il Software Libero30 Marzo 2010, Poco più d'un anno fa il Consiglio della Regione Piemonte approvava una Legge[1] che stabiliva: " Regione nella scelta dei programmi per elaboratore elettronico, privilegia i programmi appartenenti alla categoria del software libero e i programmi il cui codice è ispezionabile dal titolare  della licenza." (art. 6 co. 2°).

KOM : KaeilOS Openembedded Manager

KOM | KaeilOS Openembedded ManagerKOAN has released KaeilOS Openembedded Manager (KOM for short) is a tool designed to create and manage any OpenEmbedded based project, like KaeilOS, Angstrom, and others. All KOM projects are a full-fledged overlay where you can also build your personal image or software packages. At the same time you can override other overlay in a simple way.

KaeilOS is is an embedded linux GNU/GPL distribution composed of a collection of the best publicly available Open Source packages. Version 4.00 available since January 2009 has joined OpenEmbedded project offering a wider selection of packages and recipes.

KaeilOS Openembedded Manager is developed by the open source community and mantained by KOAN, an italian company which specialises in the development of products targeted at embedded systems based on Linux.


Sono un CAcert Assurer

CAcert assurer Bergamo, Milano, LombardiaDal mese di Febbraio 2009 sono un assicuratore (o accertatore) CAcert certificato.

CAcert è un'autorità di certificazione basata su un'infrastruttura a chiave pubblica community-driven basata sulla Rete di fiducia (Web of trust).
In crittografia una infrastruttura a chiave pubblica in inglese public key infrastructure (PKI) è una serie di accordi che consentono a terze parti fidate di verificare e/o farsi garanti dell'identità di un utente, oltre che di associare una chiave pubblica a un utente, normalmente per mezzo di software distribuito in modo coordinato su diversi sistemi. Le chiavi pubbliche tipicamente assumono la forma di certificati digitali.

Why iPad is iBad for your freedom

iPad isn't a divine revelation, but a golden calfYesterday Steve Jobs may have descended from the mountaintop today with Moses Tablet in hand, but a group of protestors were waiting in the foothills with a simple message: the iPad isn't a divine revelation, but a golden calf.

Members of the Free Software Foundation staged a small protest outside today's Apple event in San Francisco, making the case against Apple's use of DRM. The group's four-foot signs were headed with the message "Entering Apple Restriction Zone" and laid out the tablet's detriments:

    * No free software
    * No installing apps from the Web
    * No sharing music or books
    * We can remotely disable your apps & media

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