Embedded World 2009 (updated)

I'm currently in Nurenberg to visit Embedded World 2009 exhibition.
While most of companies are seriously struggling with the financial crisis, seems that in the embedded field things are going better...
Booth spaces are all full of people.

KaeilOS distribution joins OpenEmbedded

Italian embedded software engineering KOAN, announced its main product KaeilOS will join OpenEmbedded (OE) project, aimed at developing software for embedded devices, smartphones and PDAs based on ARM, OMAP, x86 processors.

time_t structure celebration

You know you are a geek when things like this seem of any importance.
It may comfort you to know that there are others who are excited about the buzz.
On Friday, February 13th 23:31:30 UTC 2009 the time_t structure would contain the the number 1234567890

Atmel rilascia gratuitamente BSP AT91 per Windows CE

Rousset,France, January 19, 2009 - Atmel announced today the availability of Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Board Support Packages (BSPs) for its AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S™-based embedded MPUs.

Installazione di ZeroShell firewall su Koala mini PC e mini Server

Koala mini PC nasce nel 2007 da un'idea della società KOAN di Bergamo ed è il primo prodotto compatto MINI PC basato su sistema Mini-ITX con Ubuntu linux preinstallato presentato in Italia. Zeroshell è una piccola distribuzione Linux per server e dispositivi embedded il cui scopo è fornire i principali servizi di rete di cui una LAN necessita.

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