Why iPad is iBad for your freedom

iPad isn't a divine revelation, but a golden calfYesterday Steve Jobs may have descended from the mountaintop today with Moses Tablet in hand, but a group of protestors were waiting in the foothills with a simple message: the iPad isn't a divine revelation, but a golden calf.

Members of the Free Software Foundation staged a small protest outside today's Apple event in San Francisco, making the case against Apple's use of DRM. The group's four-foot signs were headed with the message "Entering Apple Restriction Zone" and laid out the tablet's detriments:

    * No free software
    * No installing apps from the Web
    * No sharing music or books
    * We can remotely disable your apps & media

I'm going to FOSDEM 2010

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.

Il Progetto L.U.N.A. al Motorshow

Futur3 Luna wireless e blutooth con Koala PCDal 4 all'8 dicembre 2009, a Bologna, si terrà l'Edizione “Straordinaria” del Motorshow. Questa speciale edizione del Motorshow vedrà un ritorno alle origini di questo appuntamento: cinque giornate di puro spettacolo con il pubblico protagonista assoluto e la voglia di giocare con le due e quattro ruote.
Il padiglione del Centro Servizi di Bologna Fiera sarà coperto durante tutto il Motorshow dalla rete wireless gratuita @FREE Luna.
La rete wireless gratuita @FREE Luna è realizzata da Futur3 grazie alla recente partnership con BF Servizi.

Cavium Networks acquires MontaVista Software

Mountain View, Calif. – November 10, 2009 – Cavium Networks, a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, wireless, storage and video applications, today announced that it is has signed a definitive agreement to acquire MontaVista Software for $50 million.
Cavium Networks? Not a single person I know had hear that name before. Cavium now suddenly a bigger player  against the likes of TI, Freescale, Broadcom, Marvell, and Intel.

What have been happening at Embedded Linux Conference Grenoble

This is my second day at ELC-E in Grenoble, and the organizers told me that the total number of attendants iis approximately 180 people.
I must say this is the best Linux embedded event I attended ever and I suggest to everybody to come here.
I am planning to be here the next year as speaker in order to present KaeilOS/OE and its features, because I feel that many people would appreciate its stability and reliability (if only people would know its features better).

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