The year 2038 problem

2038 BugIn every computer systems there is a latent bug that is similar to the so-called 'Millennium Bug' or 'Y2K' bug or Year 2000 bug, its name is 'The year 2038 problem' or 'Y2K38'. Do not be misled by its definition that makes it seem like a minor problem, the year 2038 bug is a problem that involves a time-wrap problem not handled by programmers and although many overlook it because it is considered remote in time (15 years away from the date of writing) or because it is believed that it will resolves itself with the progressive adoption of 64bit systems, may cause some computer software to fail at some point near the year 2038. Although this may be true for desktop systems frequently updated, it is not so for embedded systems, which have a considerably longer life cycle. Do not forget that the embedded systems are also a lot more critical as they could be used to control devices that can compromise the security or worse the safety of persons.

Samsung ARM Chromebook

During my recent trip in the USA I had the great opportunity to buy a Samsung Cromebook on Amazon at a really cheap price and only eight dollars for shipment. 
ARM Chromebook from Samsung uses a dual-core Exynos 5250 clocked at 1.7GHz. It offers a solid mix of performance and battery life

Qt embedded licensing

Qt embedded licenseToday a friend called me asking about Qt licensing.

Because this is getting a FAQ I decided to write a post to lighten this topic.

The commercial Qt license includes standard support and access to updates and allows you to develop fully closed source software.

The LGPL carries some restrictions regarding the ability for users to relink libraries and other restrictions that may impose architectural requirements that some organizations might not be comfortable with and allows you to develop closed source software when you link it dynamically to Qt libraries.

The embedded world news in english

eMbedded in english

Da oggi nel portale saranno ammessi anche articoli in lingua inglese per permettere una maggiore fruibilità da parte dei lettori stranieri.

Igep Black Friday 2012


L'azienda spagnola ISEE propone un'offerta speciale denominata Black Friday, dove solo per gli ordini effettuati il 23 Novembre 2012 sarà possibile beneficiare di uno sconto del 20% sui prezzi di listino. Il prodotto certamente più famoso ed interessante è la scheda IGEP™ v2 che supporta molti sistemi operativi (Linux embedded, Android, Windows CE). In particolare per Linux è possibile utilizzare il codice dello Yocto Project.

I prodotti ISEE e  IGEP™ v2 sono supportati in Italia dalla società KOAN di Bergamo, che fornisce consulenza e formazione Linux embedded (OpenEmbedded e Yocto) basata su questa scheda dotata di cpu ARM Cortex A8.

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