Open Networking Summit in Europe

Open Networking Summit 2018

Daimler Mercedes Benz and Open Source software

Daimler AG, the producer of the beautiful Mercedes Benz cars, uses Free and Open Source software within several of its products.
When you buy this new car you can find the CDROM below inside the user manual.

OpenBMC Project Community Comes Together at The Linux Foundation

The OpenBMC Project community is coming together with the goal of defining a stack that will work across heterogeneous systems that include enterprise, HPC, telco, and cloud-scale data centers. The organizations behind the new project each have already made substantial contributions to creating open source baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware. Now, working together, they will define the vision for a standard stack that can be used across systems and computing environments.

ACRN and Sound Open Firmware


ACRN™ is a flexible, lightweight reference hypervisor with significant code contributions from Intel® Corporation

Yocto Project DevDay North America 2018

Yocto Project DevDay 2018 Portland USA 

I am going to present my talk at the Yocto Project DevDay North America 2018.

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