Embedded World 2009 (updated)

I'm currently in Nurenberg to visit Embedded World 2009 exhibition.
While most of companies are seriously struggling with the financial crisis, seems that in the embedded field things are going better...
Booth spaces are all full of people.


Embedded World 2009

Update March 7th
The show ended and it is time to draw conclusions and in general I have noticed that some companies are tightening their belts and exercising greater caution.
Someone said it is the consumer manufacturing areas that are having problems by now but I have not seen anything really exciting.
In conclusion the show was pretty boring and most of the exhibitors complained about a decrease of 20-30 per cent of visitors.
We are feeling the crisis, but in my opinion, the crisis should be an opportunity for companies, to reorganize themselves for the next decade or two. So while manufacturing may cut costs, the R&D should work on innovation.
I believe that most of the solutions to global issues such as energy crisis and climate change will require highly technical solutions.
This may not be true in Italy where personal interests take precedence, but it will in all the technologically advanced Western countries.