Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013 - Day 1

Today was the first day of ELC-E 2013 and I was anxiuos to meet some people who I see once a year, and to attend some talks.

embedded Linux is the default operating system

The main complain coming from all the people present was the impossibility to attend all the interesting presentation because were too much overlapped.
I publicly suggested to the Linux Foundation people to create a dynamic schedule system evaluating the preferences done until a month (or less) before the event.

The presentations I attended were:

  • Timeline For Embedded Linux - Chris Simmonds (in the photo above) : a bit of Linux history, for who started working on linux on 1999 (like I did) is very funny.
  • How Not to Write X86 Platform Drivers - Darren Hart, Intel Open Source Technology Center 
  • Small Business BoFs - Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons : worthy and interesting open discussion with colleagues about how to drive a company that provides linux embedded services.
  • Using i.MX28/i.MX233 without Freescale tools : unfortunately I've missed it.
  • TPL: SPL loading SPL (and, SPL as just another U-Boot config) : interesting.
  • Falcon Boot: current status and enhancements : linux fast boot is always a hot topic.
  • Common Clock Framework: How To Use It - Gregory Clement, Free Electrons  : useful, although I need a bit of time to apply it
  • Status of Embedded Linux - Tim Bird, Sony Mobile  : it's always useful and interesting to have a different point of view on the Linux market trends. 
  • Android Platform Debugging and Development - Karim Yaghmour, Opersys  : very interesting for Android experts.

The final consideration emerged after a couple of presentation (Chris Simmonds and Tim Bird) was the evidence that embedded Linux is the default operating system which is ruling the market.